Dementia Care

Our dementia carers are specifically trained to deal with the challenges that come when caring for a person with dementia. Our care workers have experience in the many ways the condition can develop differently in people and will tailor their care to suit the requirements of their clients. Our dementia home care plans are regularly reviewed to ensure that as the condition progresses, care needs are always fully supported.
What’s included in dementia home care?
  • Support to continue daily life
  • Preserving dignity and independence
  • Keeping family updated as the condition progresses
  • Managing challenging behaviour
  • Ensuring medication is taken on time
  • Regular review of care
How dementia care can help you or your loved on

Quite often, a diagnosis of dementia comes after a period of time during which a loved one hasn’t quite been themselves. This may have been going on for some time, when a partner or family member has provided support and tried to help them to cope. But caring for someone with dementia can be very emotionally draining, time-consuming and tiring – it’s a labour of love that can become overwhelming.

The confusion and challenging behaviour experienced by those with dementia are minimised when they are in familiar surroundings. Our dementia care workers can extend the time that your loved one can stay at home in comfortable, familiar surroundings. They are trained to deal with the anger and frustration that can come with certain types of dementia and have experience in supporting daily tasks, personal hygiene and incontinence issues as such symptoms develop.

Whether you use Life Plus for short-term respite care or for long-term dementia home care, we’ll take the same professional approach to assessing a client’s care needs to live as fulfilling a life as possible in the comfort of their own home. We present a selection of Caregivers based on our clients’ interests, personality and lifestyle, you then choose the most suitable fit. You can keep the same care workers for up to three months at a time before they take a break after which they may then alternate with another care worker, just as suitable as the first.

Contact your local Life Plus office to discuss how we can create a bespoke service to meet your individual needs.