Living my Life

Ka ora tonu tākū ake ora

Living My Life is a new disability support service program for ACC clients, designed to give participants choice and control over their own life.

‘Living My Life’ is about delivering support to ACC clients to describe the things that matter to them, and it helps the client to learn about their community support options to become active participants in their communities. 

Life Plus will work with clients and their family/whānau to discuss the support they want and create a plan that will support them to:

  1.  Make decisions about their support
  2.  Make choices and be supported to communicate these decisions
  3.  Get involved in their community and be part of their culture
  4.  Set meaningful goals and plan how to achieve them
  5.  Build skills to live independently
  6.  Build employment skills and find opportunities


Life Plus currently holds three components of the Living My Life service contract: 

  • Tailored Support Plan 
  • Independent Facilitation 
  • Facilitated Pathway Map

ACC fully funds all components of Living My Life. This funding may be paid to the chosen Service Provider.


The ACC Case Manager will work with the individual client to identify which components of the Living My Life service are appropriate and will make the referral(s) to the individual’s chosen Service Provider.

Live your life.
Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance.

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