Life Plus provides and delivers a multitude of training and education for our staff as well as external parties.

To enable our staff to provide an excellent quality of care, we provide continuing training which provides the opportunity for our staff to up skill, refresh or gain other qualifications. We believe that this is crucial for our staff to obtain the latest training requirements as it enables them to be able to provide the highest standard of care.

Medication Training

Life Plus provides Medication Training for all new care staff and annual refresher training for current staff to ensure best practice is maintained. Medication Training has two important components - theory based which is accessible via our Life Hub and practical based which is carried out by a registered nurse in your local office. The aim of the training is to ensure our staff are competent to provide safe practice for our clients who require medication support.

MAPA Training

Management of Actual or Potential Aggression is a behaviour management system. It teaches the skills required so support workers assess, manage and respond to risk behaviour. The focus is on de-escalation, prevention and early intervention. Safe physical intervention options are also taught, to be only used as a last resort. The programme gives you an effective framework for decision making and problem-solving. You’ll leave the course equipped with the skills and confidence to champion a culture of Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security.

Available Training

First Aid Training

FACT Co we are on a mission to save lives through programs that teach real skills to real people. They believe you learn best and retain more when you are having fun, and with experienced trainers available nationwide, FACT Co deliver First Aid Training across New Zealand. Their trainers are New Zealand Resuscitation Council Certified Instructors and experienced adult educators who enjoy their work. The courses are interactive, with a good mixture of theory and practical skills. Each course is delivered by instructors with real life experience and a high level of First Aid knowledge.
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